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Strategic Investing

A Service of Adrich Corporation

Strategic Investing focuses on stocks with increasing revenues and profits.

Subscriber Services

To keep investors in touch with the market, Strategic Investing sends out regular, usually daily, updates on the markets.  Subscribers are notified by e-mail when updates occur.

Market Musings™

Market Musings™ is an electronic newsletter posted daily to the subscriber website providing commentary on current events that could move markets.  The Market Musings contain my thoughts about the daily market activities and shows any changes which were made to any of the portfolios.

The Stock Watch List

The Stock Watch List is updated each day.  The Stock Watch List provides the basis for the Conservative portfolio.  The Strategic Investing various portfolio filters highlight promising stocks on which our readers must perform their own due diligence review and make their own decision on whether to invest, or not.   New positions are highlighted each day if they appear.  Stocks that trigger Action Points or which fall below the retention requirements of the portfolio are noted.  To see a sample of the Stock Watch List, click here.

Access to Historical Portfolio Transactions

Subscribers have access to all three Strategic Investing portfolios which they can monitor.  These are the Conservative, Aggressive and Precious Metals portfolios. All trades made each year are shown for each portfolio.  We use a highly conservative $29.95 as the commission and exchange costs for each trade.  Your actual commissions might be greater or lower depending upon your choice of broker.

Economic Indicators & Market Overview Presentations

The most current presentations given by Fred Richards before many groups throughout the year including the Dallas Investors Forum are maintained here for subscribers.  The Economic Indicators contain information about the world and domestic economy, interest rates and the repo pool, the stock market, and commodities.   The slides in each presentation can vary from 40 to over 100 depending upon the group.  For the Dallas Investors Forum, the Power Point slides are around 70 per meeting.

Technical Notes

From time to time, we also publish technical notes about sectors that might be of interest and other subjects.


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