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Strategic Investing

A Service of Adrich Corporation

Strategic Investing focuses on stocks with increasing revenues and profits.

What is Strategic Investing?

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help investors learn about how markets operate, how to select stocks and how to decide when those stocks should be sold.

Strategic Investing is a concept based on the belief that to be successful, a long-term investor requires an understanding not only of the world economy but also both technical and fundamental analysis pertaining to the bond and equity markets.  Important aspects of this philosophy require attention to the following areas in no particular order:

  • Major trends in economics that can affect markets
  • Asset allocation timing strategies
  • Political realities
  • Demographics
  • The concept of momentum in trading
  • The requirement for due diligence before investing
  • The need for a disciplined approach to stocks
  • An appreciation for innovation that will affect the future

Strategic Investing looks at the broad economic picture while computer software packages likeHigh Growth Stocks and StockCharts can provide the tactical framework to locate profitable trading opportunities.

Strategic Investing focuses only on stocks that have increasing revenues and profits.

More importantly, we think prudent investors must live by KISS + SF!

What is KISS + SF!

Our basic criteria is to Keep It Safe, Simple and Stay Focused!

The safety of a portfolio is more important than its growth and any investment system must be simple and easily understood by its users.  Moreover, users must have the time and discipline to use a few simple rules in managing their investments.

We are not an investment advisory service.  Nor do we run money for anyone other than our own accounts.  Since different people will trade differently, our results may not mirror those obtained by other individuals. See our Disclaimer and Terms of Conditions.  You are responsible for your own trading!

And my lawyer says to remind you that I am not responsible for any decisions made by you!


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Last updated - January 14, 2014

Keep it Safe, Simple and Stay Focused! ™