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Strategic Investing

A Service of Adrich Corporation

Strategic Investing focuses on stocks with increasing revenues and profits.

The Strategic Investing Portfolios

Important Caution

Strategic Investing is not a financial advisory service.  Strategic Investing is designed to enable potential investors to learn how we trade and to apply those techniques which they discover to suit their own situation at their own risk.

The Conservative Portfolio

When Strategic Investing began, our investment strategy was developed for an investor who desired to control their own investments.  Strategic Investing focused attention on stocks that had earnings, institutional backing and high relative strengths.

In today's market environment, this portfolio remains committed to asset safety while investing in those few stocks which show outstanding performance. Since March 17, 2000, when the portfolio sold all of its stocks, the portfolio has rarely been invested more than 40% in equities and has often been less than 10%.  Asset preservation has been the primary determinant on the amount of risk taken. 

Almost every day, the market is screened for new stocks making the Strategic Investing filters.  At the beginning of each year the portfolio is started with $150,000. The portfolio will be limited to 10 stocks at any one time. 

When a new stock meets the Strategic Investing filter, it will be added to the Stock Watch List the next morning. However, meeting the filter criteria does not automatically put the stock into the Conservative portfolio.  The maximum number of stocks to be held in the portfolio are 10. If that number is exceeded, we will select the stocks to keep based upon my judgment.  All the other Strategic Investing selling rules will apply.

The Conservative Portfolio does not short stocks except in the QQQ's and/or SPY ETF's nor does it use options and/or margin. When few stocks make the Strategic Investing Conservative Portfolio filters, we can invest up to 25% of the Conservative Portfolio in either the QQQ's  and/or the SPY ETF's to take advantage of the market's trend. Free cash is invested in money market funds and/or Treasury bills.

The Precious Metals Portfolio

The Precious Metals Portfolio, formerly the Gold portfolio, was initiated in May 2001 in response to subscribers requests.  The value of the shares are up since that time.  However, this portfolio does not subscribe to the same rules that guide the Conservative portfolio.

The Precious Metals Portfolio is a long-term play against the value of the American dollar and the supply/demand equation for gold, silver, and platinum silver bullion.  As such, we are willing to take additional risk in the portfolio. However, our stock selections are focused on those stocks which have a degree of liquidity and have not hedged their future production to a significant degree.

Positions are based more upon fundamental factors rather than technical market indications. The Precious Metals Portfolio may short stocks and/or use options and margin.  Further, stocks with a significant degree of political risk are avoided.

The Aggressive Portfolio

The Aggressive portfolio was initiated in May 2002 and its investment strategy is very different from either the Conservative or Gold portfolios.

The Aggressive portfolio takes advantage of market momentum and utilizes industry sector analysis as well as relative value analysis to take positions.  The Aggressive portfolio will swing trade and can be either long or short and also use options and/or margin.

While the Strategic Investing selling rules are used as guidelines, other factors may decide when we buy or sell a stock in this portfolio.

The former ETF portfolio is now incorporated in the Aggressive portfolio.  It trades two positions ... the QQQ's and SPY's and the trading signals are based on the 8x20 Moving Average Crossovers of the NASDAQ Composite and the S&P 500.

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Last updated - January 14, 2014

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